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Your Optometrist in Macon, GA     

Your vision is precious, and regular eye exams are key to ensuring that your eyes stay healthy and your vision is optimal. Aside from needing eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contacts to improve your eyesight, there are also many eye conditions that could have a significant impact on your health. Having regular eye exams as indicated by our Macon, GA optometrist is the first step to preventing debilitating eye diseases and getting the best possible vision.

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Offering Comprehensive Vision Exams

Most people do not have perfect vision, and many people have very poor eyesight. With nearsightedness or myopia, people can see very well up close, but have trouble distinguishing objects and lettering at a distance. With farsightedness or hyperopia, individuals can see fairly well at a distance, but objects become blurry the closer they are. Presbyopia occurs later in life, where objects at a distance and up close are blurry, and often require the need for bifocals. Our experienced optometrists in Macon will thoroughly check your near and far vision during your exam, and will use a device called a phoropter to put different lenses in front of your eyes to determine if and how your vision can be improved. Usually, patients with vision problems will be prescribed eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contacts to correct their eyesight. 

Eye Health Evaluations in Macon, Georgia

At our DePoe Eye Center, we are able to see patients for full eye health evaluations in our Macon, GA office. We will perform a variety of tests that check for common eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic and/or hypertensive retinopathy, bacterial infections, corneal abrasions, pink eye (conjunctivitis), astigmatism, dry eyes, red eyes and more. The tests we use to evaluate your eye health are non-invasive and technologically advanced, so you can trust the results you're getting. Our optometrist will go over your results in detail and make recommendations based on your unique eye health. Your information will be saved in your chart and will be used as a baseline comparison for future exams.

Eyeglass and Contact Lens Fittings

Based on your vision test results, eye health, lifestyle and desires, you may be a great candidate for eyeglasses, contact lenses, or both. At our Macon, GA optometrist's office, we can help fit you for comfortable contacts, or we can help you select fashionable eyeglass frames that you'll feel great about wearing. No two patients are alike, and we have a wide variety of contact lens brands and sizes, as well as a vast selection of eyeglass frames, to meet the needs of patients both young and old.

Schedule an Appointment in Macon Today!

If you're noticing vision changes, or it's simply time to have your comprehensive eye health examination, don't hesitate to contact our Macon office for an appointment to see an optometrist. Our friendly staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible eye health and vision, and we'll guide you step by step through the process of having your eyes examined and choosing eyeglasses, sunglasses or contacts. Call DePoe Eye Center in Macon, GA today at 478-750-7830 to book your appointment and start your journey to eye health and wellness.

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